With our selection of custom brewed tea and coffee, blends, and botanicals, Amelia Bay can help you create beverage formulations that meet or exceed project parameters.

Our experts can help you with custom brewed tea and ​blends to use as components in complex formulations, or we can tailor a complete tea program to fit your company and brand goals.



Our all-natural advanced brewing methods create the finest brewed liquid extracts. Only pure water touches our raw materials—you can be confident that no alcohols, solvents or enzymes are ever used. Your finished beverages are free from sedimentation, clouding or off-flavors, allowing the tea's natural beauty and flavor to shine through.

  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • White Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Red Tea
  • Concentrated Liquid Tea Solids 

  • Polyphenol Extract


Whole bean coffee is roasted and brewed in a closed, continuous fashion to capture the volatile flavor and aroma that would be lost using batch steeping or spray-dry methods. Our all-natural advanced brewing methods create the purest extracts and flavors available on the market today.

  • 100% Colombian Coffee
  • Arabica
  • Dark Roast
  • French Roast
  • Green Coffee
  • Liquid Coffee Solids
  • Flavored Coffee Extract Formulations


Add a refreshing twist to your beverage with customized blends. From classic half tea and half lemonade to unique flavors of the moment, we offer a variety as wide as your imagination. In a market that continues to embrace new, bolder, and different flavors, Amelia Bay’s certified flavor chemist can match any target product or create exciting new formulations to set your products apart.


Amelia Bay products, including flavor options, are formulated to your specifications. We make things easier with a variety of package sizes, from 5-gallon pails to tankers, and full production support for your bottler or bag-n-box manufacturer. Haven’t selected your packer yet? We can recommend both hot-fill, cold-fill, aseptic and high-pressure processers across the country.


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