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Not only do we understand the beverage business, we understand your beverage business, and are dedicated to providing you with an excellent customer service experience that supports your efforts and specific project goals.

From the raw leaf to your finished product, we make your project—and experience—as seamless as possible.



Amelia Bay provides sweetener options based on your goals. If your goal product is zero or low calorie, we help you understand the non-nutritive options available, including Stevia®, Splenda, generic sucralose, and many others. If your goal product has a traditional sweetener, we help you understand sugar, agave nectar, honey or HFCS. Either way, we design and balance your formulation accordingly, because we understand how sweeteners perform. 


Market trends show that consumers are making more informed choices when it comes to what they drink. Adding functionality including polyphenols, vitamins, or other supplements can help differentiate your beverage, so it stands out on a busy store shelf and meets your marketing goals. Amelia Bay can recommend options to choose from, and helps you ensure that the formulation is balanced so that the most optimal flavors shine through.

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