Custom Formulation

As the only vertically integrated brewer and formulator in North America, Amelia Bay offers you unmatched technical expertise. We can provide brewed tea formulations, or we can tailor a complete tea program to fit your company and brand goals.

Sourcing, Flavors, Sizes—Amelia Bay can check them all off your list.

We strive to be your one-stop destination for brewing and formulation, starting with our initial discussion of your project and marketing and flavor profile goals. After a final formulation is approved, we create a brewed liquid extract set to your specifications and deliver an easy-to-use production formula and ingredient that will streamline the batching & packing process.

Amelia Bay brewed liquid extracts are designed specifically to overcome the rigors of the retail RTD beverage marketplace.

They deliver consistency of product from batch to batch regardless of packing location or method, and are free from sedimentation. Our products will help you achieve the maximum shelf life possible and will keep your product tasting and looking great longer.


  • Sourcing and acquisition of raw materials 

  • Brewing, optimization and formulation

  • Removal of undesirable solids

  • Enable brewed label claims

  • Supply conventional, organic & free trade ingredients

  • Furnish fruit flavor for flavored teas

  • All natural and non-nutritive sweetener recommendations, including Splenda® & Stevia

  • Functionality options

  • Removal and refinement of solids

  • Provide packers with detailed, easy to follow batching instructions

  • Assist with initial product runs onsite, if needed

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