A Natural Fit

We’re thrilled to announce Amelia Bay is now part of Florida Food Products. Learn more about how we are bringing the best of real brewed tea, coffee, and botanicals to great tasting clean-label food and beverage at floridafood.com.

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Better Tea is Brewing

Create a premium beverage with the beautiful clear
appearance and pure taste that consumers prefer.

Our premium, all-natural brewed tea provides a label as clean as your product.

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On your unique tea


Brewed extracts created to your exact specification

Working together

To develop your ideal beverage program, easily

Go to market

With your premier, vertically integrated tea resource

Brewed Makes it Better

The choice is clear: consumers prefer—and will pay more for—brewed tea.

Why? The pure tea taste and crystal-clear appearance of brewed tea reflect its clean label claims and functional benefits. As the premier provider of quality brewed tea, Amelia Bay is also your clear choice.

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Advanced Brewing

Capturing tea’s essential profile with closed, continuous brewing and all-natural optimization for RTD applications.
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No need for sugarcoating

Delicious. Refreshing. Convenient. Better for you. Learn how ready-to-drink (RTD) tea quenches more than just thirst.