Real Brewed Tea for Intrinsic Consumer Appeal

Jul 24, 2019

At this moment, consumers are crushing on tea for a myriad of reasons—so it’s never been more important to give them the quality and integrity they want in tea-based beverages. All-natural brewing technology gives consumers exactly what they want, and nothing more.

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We've Got a Healthy Focus on Flavor

Jun 26, 2019

Tea is rapidly becoming the premier healthy beverage option. Though tea drinkers are opting for healthy hydration, they say that great taste is still their most important consideration. New flavors and varietals formulated by Amelia Bay can keep consumers coming back for more.

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Clean Label Has Gone Mainstream

May 22, 2019

Consumers are looking for clean labels that are easy-to-read, with ingredients they recognize. Real brewed tea from Amelia Bay features one of the cleanest labels possible: brewed tea.

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Better-For-You Tea Trending In 2019

Apr 29, 2019

Ready-to-drink tea, with its health benefits, flexible nature, and natural ingredients, is gaining popularity as new formulas and flavors emerge. Amelia Bay's certified flavor chemists and experienced R&D team use advanced brewing methods to produce premium teas that keep up with the latest beverage trends.

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