“The US tea market has projected RTD tea as a fastest growing beverage segment, based on the sales rate via retail markets.” Mordor Intelligence North America RTD Tea Market Report

How will the market continue to grow and expand? According to the same report, with value additions including:

  • ingredients reformulations
  • expanding range of flavors
  • different tea varieties
  • incorporating functional benefits
  • modifying the sweetness profile
  • offering different pack types and sizes

Giving Consumers What They Want

As consumers continue to embrace RTD tea as a better-for-you beverage, this ‘tea appreciation’ is leading to tea’s premiumization, giving consumers more options to choose from. Tea’s organoleptic versatility lends itself well to this premiumization and flavor diversification, allowing for the incorporation of herbs, spices, flowers, and super food. Tea’s versatility also offers manufacturers the ability to innovate alongside the healthy trends that have been resonating more prominently in the North American market.*

How Amelia Bay Answers the Call for Premiumization

“Thus, the multi-branding approach of RTD tea, coupled with flavor diversification, is projected to support the growth in the foreseeable future.”* Consumers prefer innovation—the availability of multiple flavors appeals to them and helps increase the sales.

Since innovation and new product launches influence market growth, RTD tea manufacturers are seeking new flavors, combinations of ingredients, and strong promotional positioning of their products, often with ingredient-specific label claims.

As the premier tea formulation expert within the beverage industry, Amelia Bay offers R&D support and in-house certified flavor chemists with unmatched technical expertise and the ability to design and balance formulations, adding functionality including polyphenols, vitamins, or other supplements to build upon RTD tea’s well-deserved health halo. Amelia Bay has the ability to create specialized premium teas that meet our customers’ exact specifications, offer a variety of flavors, ingredients and functionality—and taste great.

Take advantage of the opportunity in the marketplace and create your next successful innovation, with Amelia Bay.

Find out more about how we can meet your specific requirements including functional ingredients and sweetness profiles.

*Mordor Intelligence North America RTD Tea Market Report

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