Since consumers consider tea a tasty beverage, it’s no surprise that flavor is top of mind when they grab their favorite RTD tea drinks. According to the latest from Mintel regarding tea trends, “Consumer interest in flavor points to an opportunity for increased flavor development.”*

#1: Flavor is the most important factor consumers consider when purchasing a tea drink


Growing consumer concern over sugar content creates many opportunities for brands to create teas with less-sweet flavor profiles. One approach to addressing sugar concerns is to focus on offering truly satisfying flavor, that all-important crowd-pleaser. We have the expertise to help modifying your sweetness profile and provide you the perfect balance of mouthfeel and flavor.


Black tea may be the most popular variety, yet over the last 5 years, the purchase incidence of black tea has decreased, while green, herbal and fruit/spice varieties have each increased. Everyone wants great flavor, but consumer tastes run the gamut from the familiar to something quite unique in the way of botanical, herbal, spice-flavored, and even bitter teas. Gen X and older consumers tend to respond to more familiar flavors such as raspberry, peach, orange, etc., while Millennials tend to be a bit more adventurous and on the lookout for pu-erh fermented tea, butterfly pea flower tea, botanical teas, etc.


Tea brands can expand into new consumption occasions—and even attract new consumers—by ‘beverage blurring’, especially since consumers are already on the lookout for beverages more healthful than carbonated soft drinks, but more exciting than sparkling water. Tea can also add a unique flavor to cocktails and is gaining prominence among bartenders; the incidence of tea as an ingredient in cocktails increased 13% over the past four years.

At Amelia Bay, we have a real passion for brewed tea and authentically delicious flavor, a winning combination when it comes to pleasing today’s consumers. Our in-house certified flavor chemists and R&D team support the innovation and new product launches that drive today’s RTD tea market, by helping you expand into a range of innovative new flavors, including tea blends and fusions.

Find out how we can unlock flavor in your RTD tea.

*Source: All figures courtesy of Tea and RTD Teas, U.S., August 2019, Mintel

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