Though RTD teas have been in the marketplace for a long time, “...they have recently made the tea trends list because its market has grown by 40% from 2011 to 2016, with an increasing average annual growth rate of 7%.”* In fact, “[the] RTD tea market has expanded exponentially, growing faster than that of sodas all the while reforming the tea landscape.”*

Tea’s flexible nature provides the perfect palette for the creation of new and exciting beverages. The current interest in tea is even sparking ‘insta tea trends’* that start as consumer novelties but grow to appeal to a wider audience. Innovations in the marketplace continue to serve ready-to-drink teas well.


Not only does premium brewed RTD tea benefit from tea’s healthy halo, brands have begun emphasizing the importance of their all natural ingredients, trendy super-food formulations, and their use of specific types of teas.* RTD teas cover a spectrum ranging from unsweetened herbal blends to chai lattes, flavored teas and more. RTDs that are low on preservatives and high in antioxidants continue to win consumers’ favor. Millennials in particular, focused on an improved lifestyle, are opting for ready-to-drink teas as a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drinks. Favorite flavors include: lemon and mint, as well as blends including various spices, flowers and fruits.*

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Wellness teas, made from botanical herbs combined with the goodness of green tea* are also appearing on store shelves. Rich in antioxidants, these better-for-you beverages with a focus on wellness are considered by many consumers to offer particular benefits in regards to their well-being.

Amelia Bay’s advanced brewing methods create the finest brewed teas and our in-house certified flavor chemists and R&D team help to bring the latest tea trends to life.

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