A Marketplace Thirsty for RTD Tea

Aug 08, 2018

The RTD market is growing quickly. Continued expansion means new flavors, varieties, added benefits, and other innovative ideas will emerge. Our in-house R&D team works hard to deliver cutting edge formulations, with the premium quality Amelia Bay is known for.

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Healthy Hydration and Tea’s Health Halo

Jul 12, 2018

Tea is widely popular for its unique flavor characteristics—and its potential health benefits. As North American consumers opt for healthier alternatives to carbonated beverages, ready-to-drink tea is one of their favorites, for its convenience and reputation for healthful hydration.

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Matcha Matters

Apr 01, 2017

Tea makers are encouraged to build on the momentum of expected double-digit sales growth with innovative flavors and product attributes, according to market research firm Mintel.

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Fruit and Botanical Flavors

Mar 09, 2017

Fruit and botanical flavors are the best of both worlds. Extend your current line of tea or lemonade to include Half & Half (half lemonade/half tea), and set your beverage apart.

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Drinkable Nutrients

Feb 07, 2017

Drinkable nutrients are increasingly important to health-conscious consumers who want beverages that benefit their bodies. Tea fits the bill, being one of the healthiest beverages you can consume.

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Hydration and Sports

Jan 25, 2017

Hydration and sports benefits are top of mind with today’s fitness-minded consumers, so beverage makers are experimenting with tea and tea flavors in an even wider variety of categories.

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Affordable Luxuries

Jan 06, 2017

Affordable luxuries are the trend. Tea's healthfulness is still, of course, the beverage's primary appeal, but in the current market environment consumers are increasingly recognizing good quality.

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