Tea is widely popular for its unique flavor characteristics—and its potential health benefits.1 As North American consumers opt for healthier alternatives to carbonated beverages, ready-to-drink tea is one of their favorites, for its convenience and reputation for healthful hydration.2 Tea’s healthy halo is enhanced by its high flavonoid content including naturally present phytonutrients with antioxidant benefits.3

Which is Healthier? Black or Green?

Black and green teas come from the same plant (Camellia sinensis). The real difference between black and green teas is simply the way they are processed, which sets them apart and gives them their distinctive flavors.4

Black tea

Made from leaves that are fermented and have fully oxidized, black tea generally contains a higher caffeine content and lower flavonoid antioxidant level than green tea.5

Black tea may be a heart helper. Research conducted by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment found a connection between consumption of black tea and reduced chances of having a stroke. Researchers concluded that the flavonoids in black tea helped reduce the production of LDL, the ‘bad’ cholesterol that can lead to stroke and heart attacks.6 While black tea is not quite as high in flavonoid antioxidants as green tea, it may help reduce cholesterol levels.7

Green tea

Packed with good-for-you antioxidants, green tea is not oxidized. The polyphenols and antioxidant EGCG in green tea are credited with reducing the risk of certain diseases.8 And, green tea’s amino acid L-theanine is credited with improving brain function and reducing anxiety.9

The Varietals Consumers Want and the Quality They Demand

Amelia Bay offers black and green tea varietals, as well as white and rooibos (red) teas. From traditional to trendy, we help you meet growing consumer demand for the latest varietals available.

We also offer R&D support with unmatched technical expertise, so we can design and balance your formulation and add functionality including polyphenols, vitamins, or other supplements to build upon tea’s health halo.

Find out more about how Amelia Bay can help elevate your product’s healthy halo.


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