We have your answer to today’s call for sugar reduction in retail RTD beverages. High-quality brewed tea has great flavor on its own, and doesn’t require added sugar or sweeteners to offer consumer-pleasing taste.

Beverages that use poor-quality ingredients like instant tea powder require more flavorings—and added sugars—to cover up the off-notes inherent with these inferior ingredients. The added sugar required to make the beverage taste good in these instances can be a substantial drawback in today’s sugar-averse marketplace. On the other hand, Amelia Bay’s high-quality brewed tea ingredients are the perfect vehicle for reduced-sugar (lightly sweetened or unsweetened) beverages, because they taste great with reduced or no sugar.

Using our consistently high-quality ingredients and our expert in-house R&D team, Amelia Bay can create your custom line of balanced, great-tasting teas with a premium flavor profile
that can take advantage of today's lower sugar preferences. We can also clean up your current formulation if a cleaner label and less added sugars are your goals.

It’s pure and simple; real brewed, high-quality tea ingredients require less sugar. Satisfy today’s consumer and regulatory demands, with pure and simple Brewed Liquid Tea Solids Extracts from Amelia Bay.

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