Better-For-You Tea Trending In 2019

Apr 29, 2019

Ready-to-drink tea, with its health benefits, flexible nature, and natural ingredients, is gaining popularity as new formulas and flavors emerge. Amelia Bay's certified flavor chemists and experienced R&D team use advanced brewing methods to produce premium teas that keep up with the latest beverage trends.

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The Rise of RTD Tea

Apr 16, 2019

Ready-to-drink tea is continuing to grow in popularity, and Amelia Bay is ready to meet the marketplace demands. From ingredient sourcing, to bottling recommendations, labelling assistance, and regulatory paperwork, they know the brewed tea industry.

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The Healthier Alternative to Sugar-Laden Beverages

Dec 04, 2018

More consumers are seeking products that are natural, healthy, and pure. Many of these individuals perceive tea to be healthier and full of variety, as well as being a convenient on-the-go refresher for their busy lives. Amelia Bay is the one-stop, go-to provider for beverage manufacturers answering the call for healthy alternatives to juices and carbonated soft drinks.

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All-Natural Brewing Technology Gives Consumers Exactly What They Want

Nov 14, 2018

Today’s healthy hydration trend has been created by North American consumers who are opting for healthier alternatives to carbonated beverages or sodas and have prompted the growing demand for ready-to-drink tea products. At Amelia Bay, only pure water touches our raw materials, and our all-natural proprietary brewing process uses advanced brewing methods to create the finest brewed teas.

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Answering Emerging Consumer Trends

Oct 16, 2018

Millennials and other demographic segments are seeking products that are natural, healthy and pure. These consumers want to see ‘healthy indulgence’ beverage choices and they prefer innovations, so RTD beverage companies can benefit by continuing to introduce newness with intriguing flavors and unique packaging into their category.

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