There’s no denying it—consumers are concerned about sugar. They’re asking more questions than ever before, and conducting online searches like: “How much sugar is in a can of fill-in-the-blank?” and “Healthy drinks.”

  • 77% of consumers are trying to limit/avoid sugars in their diets
  • Nearly half are eliminating soft drinks to reduce sugar consumption
  • 6 in 10 view added sugars negatively
Source: 2018 food and health survey


What are they drinking instead of their former favorites, carbonated soft drinks and sugary juices? Consumers are turning to RTD tea as a convenient healthier alternative to juices and carbonates.


So, you want an RTD beverage with reduced sugar for real consumer appeal. At the same time, it has to taste just as good as ever, or they simply won’t buy it. That’s where Amelia Bay’s in-house certified flavor chemists and R&D team come in. They use their unmatched technical expertise and their ability to modify your sweetness profile and reformulate your ingredients to reach your desired results. They are with you every step of the way to provide just the right solution, dictated by exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

From simply reducing added sugar to replacing artificial sweetener with natural, non-nutritional sweeteners, the team at Amelia Bay can successfully transform your product, while improving its:

  • flavor
  • ‘added sugar’ label designation
  • calorie count

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It takes proficiency and real flexibility to have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We don’t make you wait for 4 weeks to get a sample. Or pricing. Our speed of response is remarkable, and we turn around product samples in about 7 days. We employ that same speed of service and flexibility throughout the commercialization process, so you can meet stringent launch deadlines and get to market faster.

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