“Today, whether for refreshment or potential health benefits, consumers are increasingly looking for low- to no-sugar beverage options without compromising on taste.”1

Why the focus on sugar content? Consumers are concerned with their health and wellness, especially in regard to weight management and diabetes, fed by reports linking excessive sugar consumption and weight gain.2 It all adds up to increased consumer demand for ‘better-for-you’ beverage options with reduced sugar that still taste great.

As a result, many beverage manufacturers are committed to significantly reducing the amount of sugar in their products,3 which can pose a complex challenge due to sugar’s functionalities beyond sweetness and its behavior in different types of beverages. It’s one thing to reduce sugar in a formulation—to do it successfully, economically and with a great taste is the real challenge. It requires a thorough understanding of the interaction and balance of flavors to meet those challenges.

RTD Tea: the Perfect Answer

“The natural image of iced/RTD tea drinks lends itself as a good non-carbonated lower sugar product as many consumers shift from traditional carbonates”4 and has led to increased numbers of unsweetened, organic and diet variants introduced in response to consumers’ search for healthier beverage alternatives. New-to-tea drinkers include consumers who are looking for high-quality wholesome beverages and who perceive tea as a natural, healthy choice with a refreshing taste. Today’s consumers “...are looking to make every calorie count by picking flavorful products that are free of the ingredients they don’t want (e.g., added sugars) and deliver authentic health benefits.”5

Our in-house certified flavor chemists and R&D team have the expertise to modify your RTD tea’s sweetness profile to meet your marketing parameters. Amelia Bay is the one-stop, go-to provider for beverage manufacturers answering consumers’ calls for healthy hydration and beverages they consider tasty, natural, convenient, pure, and healthy alternatives to high-in-sugar juices and carbonated soft drinks.

Find out more about customizing tea profiles in the free white paper available for download, “TRANSFORM YOUR TEA: BALANCING THE PERFECT BREW.”

Find out more about how we can meet your specific requirements.

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