Amelia Bay’s brewed liquid extracts offer batching and processing benefits that make a clear difference—to your process and to your finished product.


  • Batching and processing is easier and more convenient with Amelia Bay’s brewed liquid extracts.
  • Brewed liquid extracts blend quickly and easily vs. instant tea powder.
  • Instant spray-dried powder can carry a high bacterial load and require dust protection for employees and equipment, in addition to losing valuable flavor and creating off-flavors.
  • Brewed liquid extracts provide robust brewed flavor profiles, and they are quicker and easier than batch steeping. At Amelia Bay, we do the steeping for you.
  • Brewed liquid extracts can be customized to meet specific product goals.


  • Brewed liquid extracts offer batch-to-batch consistency and greater stability over the shelf life of the product vs. steeping or instant tea powders.
  • Crystal-clear brewed RTD tea appeals to consumers, who associate powdered tea’s cloudy results with inferior quality and wet cardboard aftertaste.
  • The pure tea taste and crystal-clear appearance of brewed tea reflect its clean label claims and functional benefits.

When it comes to brewed vs. powdered, the choice is clear. For a better RTD tea with the most consumer appeal, contact Amelia Bay today

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