There’s no denying the strength of RTD tea in the current marketplace.

In fact, RTD tea reached an estimated $10.75 billion in sales, the only tea category in 2018 to increase both in volume and value, accounting for 46 percent of total tea volume in the U.S. market.*

More than half of consumers quench their thirst at convenience stores, where soda continues a 15-year decline and convenient and refreshing RTD tea is growing share. Last year, while the volume of soft drinks, sports drinks, and fruit beverages declined, RTD tea showed a 3.9 percent increase in retail dollars and a 1.1 percent gain in volume.*

What’s the most popular bottled tea?

Black tea remains the most popular bottled tea with 30% market share

Green tea, a favorite of health-conscious consumers, accounts for 25% market share

Flavored and specialty teas are favored by Millennials.*


Our experts can help build a complete tea program to fit your company and brand goals while meeting today’s marketplace demands. We help you every step of the way, with custom brewed tea and ​blends to use as components in complex formulations.

When it comes to premium brewed tea for RTD success, we do it all:

leaf tea and green coffee purchased direct from trusted growers

co-packer recommendations based on your needs

up-to-date claim recommendations

industry knowledge to help you navigate

Our in-house certified flavor chemists and an R&D team use our advanced brewing methods to create the finest brewed teas, for a premium label that’s especially desirable in today’s RTD better-for-you beverage marketplace.

Find out how Amelia Bay can help you get your tea to market, faster.


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