Looking for a premium brewed organic tea that is truly clean label? Look no further than Amelia Bay.

The perfect solution for unflavored sweetened or unsweetened RTD teas, our tea-based formulation uses a proprietary herbal extract that acts as an acidulant and stabilizer, alleviating the need to use citric acid.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Traditionally, citric acid has been widely used in RTD teas as a general acidulant, stabilizer or flavor enhancer, because of its balanced functionality and abundant availability. Yet, citric acid is not without drawbacks. Since it has the potential to be genetically modified—a topic of concern for today’s wellness-minded consumers—using citric acid prevents a finished product from making a 100% organic claim.

Consumers also expect a positive flavor experience, and citric acid tends to contribute certain undesirable flavor notes that can make unflavored RTD teas less appealing. By creating a product with a clean and crisp profile that does not require citric acid, we give beverage companies the ability to create clean formulas with clean labels.

Amelia Bay’s proprietary herbal tea extract (conventional and organic sources available)

  • Is completely clean label
  • Offers a crisp and clean flavor profile true to your product—without any ‘off’ notes
  • Meets label claims
    • Non-GMO
    • All natural
    • Organic

Please note: this proprietary herbal extract is only available as part of an Amelia Bay tea-based formulation; its optimal use is in unflavored sweetened and unsweetened teas only.

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