There’s a reason that consumers love ready-to-drink (RTD) tea. It may have started as a convenient grab-and-go beverage, but tasty and refreshing bottled tea has grown into an entire movement, as consumers gravitate toward healthier hydration than in decades past.

  • 42% find RTD tea tasty
  • 53% find it convenient

Source: Tea and RTD Teas, U.S., August 2019, Mintel


Consumers have a high opinion of RTD tea when it comes to taste, convenience and refreshment, but they are always looking for something new to try when it comes to varieties and flavors. Only 11% surveyed rated RTD tea as ‘exciting’, making it clear that there’s room for opportunity. Traditional black tea is a classic choice, but today, RTD tea drinkers also want the option of herbal green, rooibos (red), and other varieties, especially since those varietals tap into consumer wellness trends and benefit even more from tea’s healthy halo.

We start with the best leaf for your applications, and offer the highest quality varietals including: green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and red (rooibos) tea so you can offer the unique options consumers are looking for.

Once we’ve established the perfect leaf to use in your formulation, we have endless flavor opportunities to help you please a market that continues to embrace new, bolder and more unique or exotic flavors.

Our unsurpassed R&D team has a true passion for tea, and uses their abilities to match any exciting new target flavor and help create exciting new formulations to set your products apart.

Trends like dessert-like or ethnic/global/spicy flavors and functional/wellness-promoting herbal teas in high-performing bagged teas illustrate the consumer desire to see the same in their go-to RTD teas.

Find out how we can add excitement to your RTD tea.


In addition to a great taste for flavors, we’ve got the formulation expertise to help you incorporate functional ingredients and sweetener options, helping you find the perfect consumer-pleasing balance for what they’ll want next.

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