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Amelia Bay understands that successful teas are teas that sell. Amelia Bay’s unparalleled tea knowledge and experience brings your product from idea to launch, quickly and easily. We know and understand the beverage business, and have access to many resources and industry partners, smoothing the way for your success.



leaf tea and green coffee purchased direct from trusted growers


Finding a Bottler

co-packer recommendations based on your needs



up-to-date claim recommendations


Regulatory paperwork

industry knowledge to help you navigate

Whether you’re formulating the next big trend in the beverage market or recreating your grandmother’s recipe, Amelia Bay is committed to your success.

Just need a tea base? We'll give you a great one. Need help with the whole process? We’ll help you from start to finish, with everything from sourcing to finding a bottler.

We are dedicated to providing the excellent customer service necessary for your success, no matter what the scale.

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