What’s Brewing?

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Clean Label is Here to Stay

'Clean eating' was the #2 diet trend in 2019, only behind intermittent fasting. And, half of Americans say that whether a food/beverage is processed impacts their purchasing decision, a factor that continues to gain traction. No matter how they define 'clean ingredients'—whether it's natural, non-GMO, organic, and beyond—it's clear that consumers have a thirst for pure and simple ingredients with names they recognize and can pronounce.

Transparency has never been more important

Consumers want to know exactly what they are getting, and they prefer that it be as simple as possible, while still tasting great and quenching their thirst.

At Amelia Bay, we know that consumers equate a clean label with high quality. It sends the message that you care about what goes into your products—and that only pure, simple ingredients will do.

Ask us how to help you formulate a clean, premium label, today.