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Flavor Innovation is Key

Flavor innovation can help brands stand out, especially with younger consumers who can’t quench their thirst for the new thing. Brands can capture this captive audience when they expand their options to include everything from international flavors and refreshing, fruit-forward varietals to trendy floral flavor innovations.




aged 18-34 are visiting a wider variety of restaurants to find new or unique flavors


surveyed said that they either "actively seek out flavors to try on a regular basis" or "like trying new flavors from time to time"


almost half of global consumers say they "love to try new things"

It's never been more important to create a new taste sensation that awakens the senses. Flavor is #1 when it comes to purchasing beverages, and much of the demand for new and exciting flavors is coming from up-and-coming generations.

At Amelia Bay, our tea and flavor virtuosos work with an eye on the future, a finger on the pulse of marketplace trends, and feet planted firmly in the lab, where great taste buds make all the difference.

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