Better For You
is Booming

The growing emphasis on a healthy lifestyle “has shifted consumers toward healthier beverages, thus driving the growth of tea-based beverages and its use as a functional ingredient.”1 The healthy eating index is expected to continue its recent increase2, and the beverage industry is one of many that has responded to—and benefitted from—this corresponding upward trend in health and wellness products.


How Tea is Answering
the Call

Tea is perceived as inherently ‘clean’. Add its healthful association and its ability to work with a variety of other ingredients (further enhancing its health perception), and you have got a winning combination.


The RTD tea market segment is poised for growth, as “total retail sales of tea are expected to continue upward through 2020 as consumers search for BFY (better-for-you) beverage options, growing 19.7% from 2015-20 to $8.5 billion.”5

Iced tea has been identified as one of the major growth opportunities in the packaged soft drinks industry.6


Clean Label Considerations and Challenges

  • Consistency may be lacking—and consumers expect and demand consistency in the products they purchase.
  • Appearance must be that of fresh brewed tea, free of cloudiness or sedimentation.
  • Taste must be smooth, without the bitterness that beneficial polyphenolic compounds can add.
  • Mouthfeel needs to deliver on the promise of a clear appearance, free of undesirable solids.

Meeting the Challenge

Unlike the majority of general tea ingredient manufacturers, Amelia Bay has the ability to capture all of tea’s volatiles for complete flavor and aroma notes, through their all-natural, proprietary brewing process. Since everything ‘tea’ is captured, there is no need to add anything additional to recapture flavor in an Amelia Bay brewed tea.

The Perfect Balance
Amelia Bay brewed tea is consistent each time, due to the company’s ability to optimize each and every component of the tea itself.

Adding Flavor
When adding flavors, Amelia Bay knows exactly what is needed to complement actual tea notes, customizing the tea and flavor profile, enabling a label to reflect just two ingredients: brewed tea and the natural flavor.

When creating a hybrid tea drink, like a tea-juice hybrid, Amelia Bay offers the same flavor expertise to deliver a perfectly balanced blend that can hit on current trends.

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