iced tea is hot.

Convenient, thirst-quenching iced teas can easily compete with other RTD beverage options because consumers think of them as wholesome alternatives—with antioxidant polyphenols, catechins, calming L-theanine and natural caffeine built right in.

Explore the Possibilities

Beverage marketers know that RTD iced teas speak to shoppers who want it all:

  • clean labels with “real” ingredients, not “chemicals”
  • on-the-go ease
  • tea’s great taste (it’s the second-most-consumed beverage after water!)

Who is your target consumer and price point?


  • Willing to pay for “premium” anything—RTD tea included
  • Love “artisanal”, aspirational teas ethically made with carefully grown leaves 


  • Want affordable alternatives to soft drinks
  • Oversee frugal family shopping lists
Sell your

Whole Foods-type markets
Big-box outlets
Convenience stores

Pick Your

14-oz. recycled-glass
59-oz. carafes
Gallon & half-gallon jugs

to Avoid

high-fructose corn syrup
brominated vegetable oil
artificial colors and flavors

Tea base options (choose wisely)

Beverage manufacturers must explore their options to choose the best tea base for their desired end product and overall results.

instant tea powder

A consistent base for low-priced, low-margin products that cannot be labeled as “real brewed tea.”

  • messy and laborious to dissolve
  • requires breathing protection, goggles and frequent cleanup
  • calls for special storage conditions due to potential high bacterial load
  • cloudy appearance with sediment and undesirable particulates

batch brewing/kettle brewing

Allows for authentic “brewed tea” label, but challenging to scale as business grows.

  • steam that drifts off tank carries away volatile flavors and aromas
  • logistical and cost issues associated with storage and disposal of spent leaf
  • good short-term clarity and robust flavor, clouds after a time
  • authentically brewed liquid teas


The highest-quality brewed tea currently available on a commercial scale for a finished beverage with greater clarity and stability—and a fresher, more balanced and robust brewed flavor.

  • closed, continuous brewing system captures all flavors, volatiles, and key characterizing top notes
  • advantages of batch-brewed tea without its costs and drawbacks
  • proprietary, all-natural processing methods separate the brew into multiple components and remove undesirable solids 
  • core elements can be adjusted and recombined to customer specifications for flavor, color and other properties 

• Clarity
• Taste
• Ease of use
• Stability

*Tea Association of the U.S.A., State of the U.S. Tea Industry 2014 Year in Review

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